National Rally For Change: Improving Birth

National Rally For Change

Labor Day- September 3rd, 2012


Centennial Park, 2500 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203

Women, men, feminists, mamas, papas, kiddos, women’s health advocates,┬á healthcare workers, birth and human rights advocates… ALL are welcome. We hope you can join us for the National Rally for Change this Labor Day. Nashville will be one of of over 50 cities across the US to participate in the Improving Birth Campaign. The purpose of the Rally is to raise awareness of our countries birth practices. We have an alarmingly high induction (44%) and cesarean (32%) rates and the event intends to educate and empower women to seek out evidenced-based information so they can make truly informed choices regarding their maternity care.

Becoming informed and choosing providers and birthplaces that will provide you with evidence based and individualized care will help to support a positive birth experience for you and your family. We encourage you to share your birth stories, talk to other mothers, and learn as much as you can about the birth experience. Knowing what to expect, what the evidence says, understanding policies, procedures, and your care will allow you to make informed choices and feel good about your decisions. Know your options because birth matters!


For more information on about the National Rally for Change visit their website at


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