Maya Abdominal Therapy

I just returned from an amazing Maya Abdominal Therapy Practitioner Training this past week. It was a much needed retreat, at a little hideaway in the woods of New Hampshire with an incredible group of women, conversation, and ancient Maya healing Wisdom. I cannot express how moved I was during this workshop, there’s something special about getting your uterus massaged into her proper place. Feeling her move and come back to center is deeply profound and powerful. I felt lighter, more intuitive, open, and aligned in my true being. Its my hope that all women come to understand this feeling. Even men too, the abdomen and pelvis is such a place of vulnerability, a place we hold our emotions, and our creative center. On a physical level realigning our abdominal organs can help to increase arterial and venous flow, lymph, nerve, and energy flow. But from an emotional and spiritual place we can release emotion, unlock our inner wisdom, and live our truth.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy were developed by Dr Rosita Arvigo after studying for years with a Maya Shaman, Don Elijilo Panti, in Belize. Through his lineage and her expansive knowledge of the human form she created a holistic approach to addressing both reproductive and digestive aliments.

I love this work as it is gentle yet powerful and it gives you a variety of self care tools to help enhance the work and to take an active role in your healing. I hope to have the opportunity to bless your womb with Maya Abdominal Therapy so that you too can find comfort in reconnecting to your uterus.



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