Jolynn’s Farewell

Dear Clients, loyal supporters, birthing mamas, birth advocates, and friends,

Today I must say goodbye. Its still strange and surreal but I must follow my path and say goodbye to Gaia Birth and Bodywork and let her fly on her own. I keep saying that it feels bittersweet. Gaia Birth and Bodywork has felt like my own baby, together, Kari and I birthed her, raised her, but it was all of you who spread her through out the community. I will be forever grateful for each and every one of you who has supported me, believed in our vision, and allowed me to practice and develop my skills here in Nashville.  Its because of your support over the years that I am able to do what I love each and every day. Thank you for blessing my life with your presence, whether, once, weekly, or during your birthing time; you too have made a profound impact on my life. I will miss you dearly!

I am headed back to Cleveland Ohio, my hometown, to be with my fiancee and I will continue to practice massage and attend births. I am in the process of finding an office and setting up my new business. Please, if you are ever in the area, drop in for a massage and say hello. I would love to see you! If you know anyone in Cleveland who would like a session or if you just want to keep tabs on me I will be sure to keep my personal website up to date. You can find me at or stay in touch by email at

Kari will continue to massage, teach Birthing From Within classes, attend births, and take care of Gaia Birth and Bodywork. So don’t neglect your body after I have gone, Kari gives amazing massages. If you haven’t gotten a session with her, do it!

Again, thank you for all of your support and kindness over the years.

Take care,


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