Hold Yourself Sacred!



I came across this quote a couple of months ago when I was setting out intentions for 2017.

When January came around and everyone was setting out resolutions and goals, a theme I kept hearing about and reading was SELF CARE. As most of us do, I’ve been caught up in the hustle and bustle of life…AGAIN. Yep, the Bullet Journal I promised to fill out weekly has been filled out twice so far this year. The exercise plan I laid out for myself has drastically altered. The eating habits are a constant ebb and flow, and….Sleep…well, I haven’t stuck to the 8 hours I promised myself. It’s ok though. It truly is.

This quote came to me again today, and it was perfect timing. I may not have hit all my 2017 goals perfectly or even landed near the mark on some, but I can always pick myself up again. I love the reminder to hold myself sacred. It’s such a gentle reminder to us all.

We can get caught up in taking care of all of our responsibilities, and we tend to put ourselves last. But I can continue to make new adjusted promises to myself to take care of me.