Find your Tribe

When I took my first doula training course I remember leaving the weekend with my brain feeling filled to the brim with information inspiration, and excitement. I was ready to empower women in birth yet lacked the confidence in my skills. In the mist of my inexperience and desire to serve women, I got a call from a doula who had just moved back into town and was hoping to connect with like minded women to share her passion of birth. This first meeting over coffee birthed a monthly get together and each month we would invite other doula’s we knew. As our doula community blossomed, we came together to support one another and to marvel in the power of women’s bodies and to share the juicy women’s wisdom we were learning. Over the past four years our monthly meetings have become a place where I have found the support and encouragement I needed to grow into my role as a doula. This past doula gathering we had an outstanding turn out and I felt overcome with gratitude for my tribe. There were so many new women eager to connect and many old friends who have transformed throughout the years. We were all gathered to celebrate birth and to be a doula to one another.

There is something mystical and beautiful that happens when women join together to share their experiences, hold space for one another, and to celebrate their wisdom. Whether you are preparing your body for conception, are with child, or have just birthed your baby I encourage you to seek out other women. Open up and share, laugh, cry, and learn from one another it will enrich your life and allow your confidence in healing, birthing, and motherhood to shine bright.  Allow your journey of conception or your transition from maiden to mother to be an opportunity to build your tribe so that you are fully supported and empowered with knowledge. When women are taken care of and feel a sense of community it allows them to tap into their inner wisdom and live their authentic lives. Celebrate your womanhood and your tribe!


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