Childbirth Education

Birthing From Within®

Birthing From Within® classes are unlike any other childbirth education classes! These classes are based on the book Birthing From Within® authored by Pam England and allows parents to explore childbirth and parenting in a fun, curious, and life-changing way.

Birthing From Within® classes foster an environment that leads to lively discussion, interactive, creative participation, and lots of hands-on practice. Fathers and birth partners are included throughout the series and even have a special class designed for them. Birthing From Within® classes prepare you to give birth consciously and in mindfulness regardless of where you plan to give birth and how the journey unfolds. Birthing From Within® classes give you resources and prepare you for all that birth may encompass in a positive way. They teach you to walk through this journey in complete surrender and with all your love and attention.

These classes are filled with practical information and opportunities for self-exploration. Birthing From Within® classes offer the head knowledge that we all seek out in giving birth, and they also allow parents to tap into their innate strength, knowledge, and capability to give birth. It truly is a path to self-discovery.

What to expect from a Birthing From Within® class?

  • Pain coping practices
  • What does labor look like
  • What you can do in early labor and active labor
  • Pushing effectively
  • Importance of nutrition throughout your childbearing years
  • How to communicate with your care providers
  • A special father’s class
  • How to give birth in awareness by cesarean or with medication
  • Postpartum self-care
  • Baby proofing your relationship
  • Newborn care
  • Finding out your fears and how to cope with them
  • Quality time connecting with your partner

These classes are either a 6-week or an 8-week series. All of the classes can be taught in a group setting or as a private session. The cost is $250 a couple for 6-weeks and $300 a couple for 8-weeks.

Birthing Again Refresher Course

These classes are designed for parents who have already given birth before and want a refresher course. Birthing Again classes provide parents time to connect with this pregnancy, prepare for this birth, and help you find ways to welcome a new baby into your family. During our time together, you’ll get the benefits of a Birthing From Within® class but tailored to meet the needs of experienced parents.

The classes include time to reflect on your previous birth, pain coping practices, ideas of how to prepare your other children for the new baby, and much more. Typically, Birthing Again is a 2-week series and costs $100.

To learn even more about Birthing From Within, check out the book Birthing From Within® by Pam England or visit the Web site:

What are the benefits of taking a childbirth education class?

  • Build confidence in your ability to carry a child, give birth, and care for your baby
  • Discover tools to cope with the intensity of labor and birth
  • Understand what to expect during labor and birth
  • Educate your partner in how best to support you
  • Discuss any fears in a non-judgmental, supportive environment
  • Strengthen your relationship with your partner
  • Setting aside quality time for you and your partner to connect with your baby and each other
  • Learn how to communicate with your care provider

When is the best time to take a childbirth education class?

It’s best to take a childbirth education class when you feel ready. With that being said, most couples are ready during the third trimester when parents are ready to absorb the information, are focused on connecting with their babies and preparing for birth.

It’s a good idea to have your childbirth education class completed 2-5 weeks before your due date. Also, contacting us early enough in your pregnancy so that we can ensure a class at the right time for you is very helpful.

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