Massage Therapy

As massage therapists, we provide a safe and healing space for our clients to reconnect with their bodies and to trust in their innate ability to heal. By taking the time to nurture yourself with a massage, you may experience deep relaxation and feel a sense of rejuvenation in your body.

But more than a treat or luxury, a therapeutic massage can also facilitate a healing response that triggers you to restore balance in both the emotional and physical body. Below you will find a list of our various massage modalities.

Massage and Bodywork Modalities

  • Wellness/Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Injury/Myofascial Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Postpartum Massage

Wellness/Swedish Massage
A Swedish massage incorporates long slow strokes, kneading, and gentle movements to create a session that is both nurturing and relaxing.

Deep Tissue
A deep tissue massage is great for relieving tension and pain in your body. Communication is important during this type of session because when deep tissue is performed correctly, it may be intense, but will support a place of healing through release in the body.

Injury/Myofascial Therapy
The goal of injury massage is to interrupt the pain/stress/tension cycle to help you become pain free. The practitioner will assess your body for twisting, tilting, or rotation due to muscular imbalance and/or skeletal deviations and then help restore your body’s proper muscular alignment. Treating both chronic and acute discomforts, injury massage can help reduce your pain, inflammation, scar tissue, muscle spasms, muscle atrophy due to casting, and muscle contractions.

Reflexology is the specific manipulation of the nerve endings in the feet. Applying pressure on specific points of the foot causes a reaction reflected in another area of the body. It causes the body to cleanse itself in a natural way. Foot Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation, and normalizes body function.

Prenatal Massage
Receiving massage by a prenatal massage therapist is a wonderful way to treat the body and mind. A therapist certified in prenatal massage is skilled in the changes that occur in the woman’s body and knows how to adapt the massage to meet her needs. Pregnancy Massage relieves pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy and promotes relaxation for the mother, in turn providing a calm environment for the baby. It is a great time for mom to connect with her baby and ease herself into a peaceful state of mind.

Labor Massage
Touch and massage during labor not only helps women cope with discomfort, it is also shown to shorten labor and reduce the need for intervention. By decreasing anxiety, pain, and fatigue women tend to have an increased self-esteem and confidence in their mothering abilities and are more likely to breastfeed successfully.

Postpartum Massage
Postnatal massage is wonderful way for a woman to take time to honor herself by unwinding from the daily stress of caring for a new baby. A relaxing postnatal massage can help a woman rebalance her body as she adjusts to the emotional and physical changes within her post-birth. Postnatal massage soothes sore muscles, supports healthy lactation, aids in fluid reduction, cramping, and encourages pelvis structural integrity. A happy mama is a happy baby!


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