When a woman is pregnant, she begins to condition her body and turn her mind inward to prepare for childbirth. Searching for a doula is one of the many ways a woman gets ready for her journey.

“The profound mystery and spirituality of birth can never be understood with the mind;
they are known through the heart.  It is this knowing from the heart which is critical
for women in preparing for their rite of passage.”

Pam England, Founder and Co-Author of Birthing from Within
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    Schedule Shift

    I want to let you know that for March and April there is a slight shift in my schedule. On Wednesdays, I will be working mornings. It will return back to “normal” in May. Until then, Tuesdays 7 am – 1 pm,  Wednesdays 7 am – 1 pm, and Thursdays 3 pm – 8:30 pm.