A 16 Month Gestation

What takes 16 months to gestate?

Yes. You read it, 16 months. It takes a long time to grow and develop some things. And that’s how long it’s taken us to birth our new website. Finally, it has arrived!!

Just like proud new parents we couldn’t be anymore excited about our new baby!

With the help and guidance of JLB in Franklin, Tennessee, we’ve come up with a fresh new design and layout for our website. Jenny Cruger of Jenny Cruger Photography shot most of the pictures, and Jamina Carder of Momma Soulshine contributed photos too. We appreciate all of our mamas and families who allowed us to capture pictures of them during this time of their life.

We would like to see our new website be used for women to not only find information about our personal business but to have a place to learn, connect, and share with others through our blog.

Come join us on our new journey! Please share us with your family and friends on facebook or by subscribing to our blog feed.


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